New Jersey


The New Jersey APBS network has three specific objectives:

  1. To increase the visibility of and access to PBIS implementation through the work of the state PBIS state team: NJ Positive Behavior Support in Schools (NJ PBSIS).
  2. To provide a New Jersey-based point-of-contact for school personnel and family members on PBIS implementation and resources.
  3. The New Jersey APBS network (NJ PBSIS) actively participates in the Northeast PBIS network and the PBIS Leaders' network.

Purpose of New Jersey Positive Behavior Support in Schools (NJ PBSIS)

NJ PBSIS is a partnership between the NJ Department of Education, Offices of Special Education and The Boggs Center, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. The purpose of New Jersey Positive Behavior Support in Schools (NJ PBSIS) is to build capacity among school personnel, to implement a multi-tiered system of behavior intervention that results in the use of:

  • core prevention practices for all students and staff aimed at minimizing conduct issues and maximizing pro-social behaviors;
  • an array of positive and proactive 'Try First' strategies to address emerging behavior and conduct issues in the classroom;
  • a problem-solving intervention process for intervening early with students demonstrating repeated behaviors; and
  • an intensive process for developing function-based interventions for students with the most significant behavior issues.

New Jersey school personnel interested in learning more about NJ PBSIS and the process for enrolling a school into the NJ PBSIS network should contact Sharon Lohrmann at