In an Ignite Session, each presenter/proposal will receive from 5-10 minutes to present about one important aspect of their experience. A 75 minute time slot may include presentations from 7-10 different presenters arranged around a common theme.

Interconnecting School Mental Health and PBIS

This ignite session will focus on aligning and integrating mental health and PBIS. An overview of ISF will be provided followed by four practitioners who will share their experiences, tools and resources.

Families/IDD Ignite Session

This session will address family engagement and family-school partnerships in positive behavioral interventions and supports and to support children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Ignite Session 2

This ignite session will showcase efforts by leaders in the field who have been integrating PBIS with other school initiatives and practices as a way of ensuring contextual fit and sustainability of PBIS practices.

Ignite Session 1

This ignite session will be of interest to families, practitioners, and educators alike as we highlight theory and practice issues in home and community applications of PBS, including the foundations of our field, empowerment of parents, systems and alignment of support, and community integration.