Building Tier III District Infrastructure with PTR Master Facilitators

California school districts are developing Tier III infrastructure with Prevent-Teach-Reinforce (PTR) Master Facilitators. In this session, participants will explore the structure and design of PTR Master Facilitator Academy, PTR Team Training and Community of Practice.

PBS in Transition for Youth with I/DD: System and Content Considerations

This session provides multiple perspectives on ways that PBS can contribute to successful transition from school to meaningful adult life.  It includes programmatic, regulatory, technical assistance and training content spanning the school to community transition.

Using a Modular Approach to Support Individual Students with Autism in Schools

Selecting and implementing evidence-based intervention for students with autism spectrum disorder and challenging behaviors can be overwhelming. SAAGE is a collaborative modular approach highly accepted by teachers and shows promise for improving targeted behaviors.

Campus-Wide PBS: Improving Outcomes and Collaboration Across Alternative Schools and Residential Facilities

This campus meets the needs of youth 24-7 by implementing PBS within the schools and cottages. Come learn how this has improved the quality of life for youth and the adults who support them.

Technology Trends Across the Tiers

PBIS schools have a unique opportunity to leverage technology to support implementation. We will highlight technology trends, including discussions of research and practice, across Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3.

Make it Work! Implementing and Sustaining SWPBIS in Philadelphia

The purpose of this presentation is to describe the challenges encountered in building and sustaining SWPBIS in a large, urban school district and how best to address them through funding, technical assistance, and coaching support.

Check & Connect: Monitoring Students’ Academic and Positive Behavioral Progress Toward Graduation

Presenters will share tools for successful implementation of Check & Connect (C&C). Assessments and online supports include a C&C readiness tool, Student Engagement Instrument, fidelity measures, online support modules, and the C&C App.

Function-Based Self-Advocacy Training: Schools Teaching Students How to Advocate for Function-Based Needs

FBSA Training is a research-based intervention designed to teach students with challenging behavior to advocate for their function-based needs. Intervention overview, research results, and school-based staff input on the intervention will be provided.

Surviving in a Time of Change: District-Wide Institutionalization of SWPBS

Although MTSS-B is well defined through research, barriers to initial implementation and long-term sustainability still remain. This presentation discusses five steps taken by a mid-sized district in Texas to align and maintain district-wide implementation.

PASS: Preliminary Results from a Random Control Trial on Interconnected Systems Framework

The Project About School Safety (PASS) is a random control trial investigating the Interconnected Systems Framework (ISF). This session will share preliminary results, successes and challenges, and implications for the field.