Implementing PBS at Home: Professional/Family Members Practicing what We Teach

Experiences from three educational professionals who implement PBS at home, with school and in the community with their unique children will be shared. Research will be brought to life with practical examples and lessons learned.

Supporting Coaches in Ethical Situations: A Model for Developing Interdisciplinary Guidelines

This presentation will discuss common ethical scenarios that arise when working as a PBIS coach, and present a model for providing ethical guidelines for coaches by cross-walking ethical codes from various disciplines.

Whole Person, Whole Life: Collaboration with Families for Positive Behavior Change

Successful and positive behavior change requires a team effort. This panel presentation will offer first-hand experiences from family members who have implemented Positive Behavior Support with their children or siblings.

Evidence from Multi-Tiered Prevention Research in the European Context

This symposium provides evidence from multi-tiered prevention research in the European context. Five studies are presented providing an overview, implementation, and cultural adaptations of multi-tiered behavior models from the Netherlands, Finland, Cyprus and Germany.

The Tenth PBIS Film Festival: The Best Films of the Past Decade

During this years' PBIS Film Festival, we take a look back at the evolution of PBIS films. In addition, we will recognize the top films from 2019. Come laugh, reminisce, and learn!

Prevent-Teach-Reinforce (PTR): A Feasible and Effective Team-Based FBA/BIP Process

The PTR multi-step process will be described along with the tools and professional development framework to increase capacity of behavior coaches. Participants will view video cases and receive access to the PTR and coaching tools.

Small Towns Big Challenges: Successful Collaborative PBIS Implementation in Small Rural Communities

Strategies on PBIS implementation within small rural locations with limited access to resources, supports and PBIS knowledge are highlighted. Collaboration strategies for increasing team independence will be shared. Video case studies are embedded throughout.

Bridging Roles to Support Young Children with Challenging Behavior

This presentation will discuss the current dimensions of ABA and the DEC's Recommended Practices as a strategy to resolve common challenges that may occur in collaborative partnerships when implementing features of PBIS.

Identifying and Addressing Disproportionate Discipline in Your Early Childhood Program

Practice recognizing and addressing disproportionality in behavior incidents reported in your early childhood setting. Review and analyze child, classroom, and program data to identify effective actions your program can take to address equity concerns.

Telecoaching to Support PBIS Implementation in Rural Schools

Recent developments in teleconsultation have advanced medical support in rural communities. We will present a similar model, "telecoaching" used to provide SWPBIS coaching in rural schools. Research outcomes and suggestions for practice will be presented.