A Tier 3 Social Skills Intervention: Connecting Assessment with Intervention

This presentation will present a two-phase social skills intervention with students with disabilities at the elementary, middle, and high school level. Results of six multiple baseline studies and directions for future research will be presented.

Effective Strategies to Improve the Work-Related Social Skills of Youth with Autism

Work-related social skills are critical to employment success yet can be challenging for youth with autism. We will demonstrate how evidence-based strategies can be used to increase social skills and improve competitive, integrated employment outcomes.

Building a School Improvement Model for Integrating Academic and Behavior Supports

State and district presenters will share how a new state division was created, Integrated Academic and Behavior Support (IABS), using an implementation framework to train and coach local districts in a MTSS school improvement model.

Fear Not: Tips for Integrating Culturally-Responsive and Trauma Sensitive Practices into MTSS

An account of integrating cultural responsiveness (CR) and trauma-sensitive practices into the multi-tiered system of supports, lessons learned, and invitation for participants to collaborate in order to increase CR and trauma-sensitive practices within their contexts.

Building State-Wide Systems to Support Teachers: Classroom Behavior Practice Coaching Model

In this session, we will (a) describe the key elements of effective systems to support teachers’ classroom behavior support and (b) provide an overview of the VT Classroom Behavior Practice Coaching Model with preliminary data.

Adult and Student Interactions in Common Areas: Preliminary Results of Direct Observation

This presentation describes a study of teacher-student interactions in common areas. Preliminary findings will be shared along with a discussion of analyses of interaction effects between adult initiated demographics/supervision/engagement and student behaviors.

Trainer-Leader-Coach (TLC): Critical Components of a PBIS Trainer-of-Trainer Program for School Districts

Sustaining PBIS fidelity after initial training is hard! Learn how to start a TLC program to train the next generation of district PBIS experts to scale up internal capacity. Spoiler: content is the easy part!

One High School’s Journey to Tier 1 PBIS Development and Implementation

We explore a brand new high school’s journey to develop and implement a Tier 1 plan. We discuss (a) the importance of gathering faculty and student input, (b) innovative implementation and (c) pre-post outcomes.

Lessons Learned Implementing PBIS in High Schools: Current Trends and Future Directions

This session will highlight a newly released (Oct. 2018) monograph on implementing PBIS in high schools. We will review lessons learned and highlight current trends and future directions for high school implementation.

Addressing Students with Internalizing Needs through School-Wide PBIS

Schools are increasingly aware of the need for their school-wide PBIS systems to identify and support students with more internalizing challenges. This session will provide guidance on improving multi-tiered systems and practices for all students.