Beyond Telling: Effective Prompting to Increase Target Behavior and Generalization

Beyond Telling provides a proactive strategy for teachers to become more efficient and effective in promoting positive behavior change for students who exhibit behavioral challenges at the Tier 2 and Tier 3 levels.

Here’s Your Unicorn! Effective Classroom Practices as Function-Based Classroom Management

Searching for the mythical unicorn of classroom management? Learn how to use evidence-based classroom management practices as function-based supports to better support students at Tiers 2 and 3 and reign your classroom management blessing.

Panel Discussion: School Climate and Restrain/Seclusion

Panelists will discuss the current state and potential implications of school climate and restraint and seclusion.

Ten Precepts to Share with Your Staff about Tier 2 Behavior

Real examples will be shared to illustrate the ten precepts that govern behavior with interventions to implement at the Tier Two (Targeted) Level. Examples will be shared from Pre-K through adult levels.

District-Level Implementation: PBIS Training and Coaching with 90 Schools over Ten Years

Over a ten-year period, training was staggered across 98 schools, including fidelity checks, coaching, and evaluation. This presentation provides an overview of key decision points and examples of how this large-scale implementation was managed.

Preventing Undesired Outcomes for Adults with Autism in Community-Based Programs

This session will discuss the Periodic Risk Evaluation (PRE) developed and implemented in two Pennsylvania adult autism programs to proactively identify and mitigate risk and allocate resources.

Demonstrating Effective Evidence-Based Strategies for Improving Social-Communication Skills of Adolescents with ASD

We will share instructional resources, demonstrate strategies used in PMI, provide interactive opportunities to learn the instructional sequences, and brainstorm how to address common logistical challenges in implementation.

A Comparison of African-American Student and Caucasian Teacher's Definition of Respect

This study sought to determine how African-American students and their Caucasian teachers define respect. Participants were asked to describe respectful behavior towards teachers and respectful behaviors towards students. Study results and implications will be discussed.

Positive Bus Safety System (PBSS) Implementation Across Three Districts: Methods and Outcomes

Disruptive behavior on the bus can bring transportation to a screeching halt! See training protocols, systems and outcomes when three districts trained 500+ drivers/monitors to improve student behaviors, increase equitable discipline and reduce referrals.

Coaching Behavior Support Strategies in Elementary Schools: What Does it Look Like?

This presentation shares the results of a large-scale survey distributed to elementary schools engaged in PBIS in Washington state in order to describe current coaching practices for PBIS in school settings.