Utilizing Social Work and Behavior Consultation within a Multi-Tiered PBS Framework

Outcomes and lessons learned will be shared regarding the social work and behavioral consultation methods used to facilitate a multi-tiered PBS system at a Washington, DC early childhood charter school network.

Do Current Processes Improve Quality of Life? Data from Missouri Tier 3

Data from IDD residential services in Missouri indicates that Individuals in Tier 3 are not involved in adequate Person-Centered Planning. A system intervention shows one meeting with a peer-review committee can reduce high risk situations.

Implementing Positive Supports in Agencies Supporting People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

This presentation describes implementation of Universal PBS for agencies that support adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Agencies’ fidelity data will be presented, along with detailed outcomes of one agency in a case study format.

Promoting Family Engagement through Principal Leadership, Classroom Practices, and Effective Parent-Teacher Interactions

This presentation will provide empirical/theoretical support for family engagement practices, along with including practical, evidence-based strategies for building and strengthening family engagement within multi-tiered systems of support.

If Schools are for Everyone, Why is Equity Only Available to Some?

The session will discuss the significance of culture within the context of education. A broadened perspective of cultural variables that have an impact on students’ experiences and strategies to promote cultural responsiveness will be presented.

Effects of Behavioral Skills Training on Pre-Service Teachers Use of Function-Based Interventions

Participants will learn training strategies for effectively educating pre-service teachers to conduct function-based assessment and intervention in a semester-long graduate course. Data collected from pre-service teachers and their students will be used.

All In: A Discussion of the Relationship Between ABA and PBS: So Happy Together

In this symposium, attendees will discuss the relationship between PBS and Applied Behavior Analysis. The discussion will focus on misconceptions among PBS practitioners regarding ABA identified by experts fluent in ABA and PBS.

All In: Team Implementation of BIPs for Students Demonstrating High-Intensity Behaviors

BIP implementation for high-intensity behaviors can be challenging. This interactive session will emphasize a team approach for function-based behavior intervention. Case studies will be used to highlight opportunities for collaboration and problem solving.

Top Five Strategies to Include Law Enforcement in SWPBIS

Reimagining partnerships between schools and police. This session includes the top five practical strategies teams can utilize to increase positive, proactive collaboration with police personnel in PBIS implementation. Examples from Los Angeles will be shared.

Rocking the Blueprint Drivers: Leveraging the Executive Functions to Sustain PBIS Implementation

Stakeholder support, funding, policy and systems alignment, and workforce capacity help teams build implementation capacity. Learn how interagency collaborations, legislative support, and educator preparation programs help states, districts, and schools improve and sustain PBIS efforts.